Educational Technologies

Toolbox Icon_1Part of the EDU’s remit in the Business School is horizon-scanning for new technologies that might enhance the learning experience. We curate information about these technologies in our Educational Technologies Toolkits. Look out for blog posts on latest additions to the Toolkits, and feel free to recommend any tools that you find helpful too!

Learning and Teaching Toolkit: technologies for teaching, creating assignments and communicating with students

Student Toolkit: technologies for learning, engaging with assignments and collaborating with others

Productivity Toolkit: technologies for self-organisation, research and sharing


Educational technology use and support

Each Toolkits item shows the level of support that is offered for Business School staff and students. Please note that some tools are not supported by the EDU.

For all technologies in the Toolkits, it is important to ensure that all users understand where content they create is held, who can see it and how to adjust privacy settings where possible. Formally assessed material should not be held solely on a platform external to the university. Students with valid reasons not to use certain online tools should be provided with alternative ways to participate.

Staff must adhere to the university’s information security policies. Students should review the university’s guidance on Online safety.

Both staff and students should ensure that content posted adheres to copyright law; see the university’s guidance on Copyright Licensing. Third-party materials should be referenced as they would be in traditional academic work.