cq5dam.thumbnail.470.264Most university staff and students will be familiar with EndNote as the referencing software supplied on university computers. What you may not be aware of are a couple associated tools that can really help to streamline your research workflows. First is EndNote Web, which allows you to sync EndNote with work you do online. You should be able to create a new account via the EndNote software on your university machine. EndNote Web has a handy browser plug-in as well, which tries to glean bibliographic information from the current webpage. The plugin’s effectiveness varies depending on individual websites, but can be very useful. It also allows you to immediately categorise the reference so it doesn’t get lost.

When you’ve reached this stage, especially with journal articles, your next step is usually to download the PDF. But what do you do with it then? Print it out? Annotate and file it? EndNote now allows you to associate files with bibliographic entries, so you’ll never misplace articles. And the EndNote desktop software as well as the EndNote app for the iPad now allow you to open files and annotate them right within EndNote—no exporting into different folders and importing again. The annotator includes highlighting in different colours and sticky notes, as well as a search feature.

CIS offer more information about EndNote here: About EndNote. Training courses are also offered regularly; see the Training Course Booking System.