Interaction and Impact in Lectures

With many lecturers searching for impact and interactive elements to their sessions, we spent some time looking for technologies and resources which can be incorporated into presentations. Although there are a wide variety of resources available online, we identified the most accessible and where possible, user friendly options covering the following categories;

  • Polling
  • Group collaboration
  • PowerPoint plugins
  • Images
  • Icons

After running a short workshop with some academic colleagues, we found that many were interested in using polling and group collaboration applications in particular. The 2 highlighted polling technologies were Zeetings, a presentation application with built-in polling options and our university licensed software, Responseware.

Please download the interactive pdf for links to further information on these resources and technologies. For further assistance regarding these resources or their usability, please contact the EDU on

We have also, created a PowerPoint template which contains assets and links to help you construct your presentations. Please download the file here:  webinar-presentation-template

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