PowerPoint Quick Tips?

We all use PowerPoint presentations but have you seen these 5 great tips?

  1. Start the Show

Name your file .pps or .ppsx and one double click starts the PowerPoint show and does not go into edit mode

  1. Black or White Out

Hit the B key to send the screen to a complete black out, or the W key to go to a white out. Then hit any key or click with the mouse to get back to the slides. It’s a good technique to get all eyes on you, even if the slide is full of notes, animation, or video.

  1. Animate Your Charts

Sticking an Excel-esque chart is about as simple as it gets in PowerPoint: Go to the Insert Tab, click Chart, and it’ll stick one in with sample info you can easily replace.

What’s cool: animating the chart one element at a time. Once you’ve inserted a chart, click the Animations tab, then turn on the Animations Pane, and then click Add Animation. Pick an animated effect. Then, in the Animation Pane where you see the entry for the chart’s animation, right click and select Effect Options. This lets you add sound and change the animation timing, but on the final tab—Chart Animation—change Group Chart from “As One Object” to “By Category.” Then, when the chart is show on screen, it’ll appear one element at a time as you click, with bars or pieces of pie arriving one after the other, as if each was its own slide.

  1. Don’t Copy & Paste; Duplicate.

You can hit Ctlr-C to copy and Ctrl-V to paste constantly if you have to reuse an element on a slide over and over. Duplication is easier: hold Ctrl while you click and drag on the object in question. It’ll make an exact dupe. Keep selecting and making dupes and they’ll all evenly space themselves out, too. The big thing to dupe is entire slide or set of slides. Just select one or more slides in the left navigation pane, go to Insert, click New Slide menu, and select Duplicate Selected Slides.

  1. Combine Shapes

You can insert lots of pre-created shapes from the Insert tab. But did you know you can mix and match them to make unique new shapes? Just put them where you want, select all the objects, click the Drawing Tools > Format tab, and use the Merge shapes menu to make some something new that combines them, subtract one from the other where they intersect, and other fun options. It’s a cool way to make a Venn Diagram. That tool even works with text and images, so you could insert a picture into a shape, pictures into a word, or insert text into a shape.

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