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Social bookmarking tool

Diigo is a social bookmarking app/plugin which allows signed-in users to highlight, annotate, bookmark, save, tag and share webpages. 

Free & Premium
Desktop, Mobile
Users should be aware that their activity on Diggo is not held on a university-owned server. If material posted here is used as part of a formal assessment, this material should also be submitted via a university-owned platform (preferably duo). Staff should make alternative arrangements for students who have reason not to use this site.

Users should ensure that they understand who will be able to see content they contribute, and how to change privacy settings. Staff must adhere to the university's information security policies. Students should review the university's guidance on Online safety

Both staff and students should ensure that content created adheres to copyright law; see the university's guidance on Copyright Licensing. Third-party materials should be referenced as they would be in traditional academic work.

Support is not currently provided for this tool.

Group task

Individual activity

In-depth article about using Diigo for collaboration (Educause)