What’s a MOOC? Why should I look into them?

moocFirst off a MOOC is a Massive Online Open Course delivered over the internet to many people at once but it is a work at your pace environment.  As a new Instructional Designer who wants to stay with the times and deliver the best possible solutions for blended learning, I joined a free Future Learn online module called Blended Learning Essentials: Getting Started.

My first thoughts were how were they going to keep all of us engaged and participate throughout the course? How can they possibly keep the energy level high for busy people with jobs?  What will I get out of this? Will it be useful?

Well now that I am wrapping up this course I can say a resounding YES it is useful and YES it is engaging but as with anything, you get what you put in.  Yes, it does take time but when you are passionate about technology and the tools available you are put into a trance and it makes you want to research and look up all the tools your fellow learners talk about in the discussion boards.

The course ran very well and easy to follow.  Short videos with actual case studies to give you examples then it would list reflection type questions for you to engage with fellow learners on the discussion board and the Educators delivering the MOOC would comment on comments and give suggestions as well.  Every few steps it would give you a quiz to make sure you could see how each scenario would work – which was VERY helpful.  I created a full page of possible tools that could be incorporated into global programmes as well as blended learning with the traditional classrooms.  I do hope we get to use these exciting tools such as Padlet, Socrative and Zeetings. (Go on and click on them!)

I highly recommend you search  Future Learn to see what kind of MOOC might get you excited to learn!

Jenn (EDU – Instructional Designer)

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